Thursday, December 3, 2009

Allen Iverson Is Home

There is a reason that I have watched 2 full 76ers games since 2006...Because Allen Iverson was no longer a part of the organization. I could only see the trading of Iverson as a final destroy and rebuild attempt by Billy King and the terrible Sixers staff. This annoyed me to the point that I (and I assume you if you're reading) have payed attention to our NBA team, but have really not cared enough to watch a full game or even think about buying a ticket to a Sixers game. I wanted Iverson to retire as a Sixers - as a kid I thought it was inevitable.
I grew up watching Allen Iverson. I was 10 years old when we drafted him in '96 and was in the prime of my basketball career! While I was the farthest thing from a guard, Iverson's heart and consistent 'do whatever it takes' attitude made him one of the most amazing athletes I had ever watched. I wanted to emulate his style in any sport I played. I went to probably 30 Sixers game during Iverson's time in Philly - simply, I wanted to watch AI play, and hope the Sixers won..too. Essentially, in my eyes, Allen Iverson was the Sixers and they went as he went, good or bad.

Well, I promise that I will watch every second of the next Sixers game. Allen Iverson has finally returned to the Philadelphia 76ers. Amazingly, I have had the "what-if Iverson came back" discussion with friends and college roomates so many times that it makes me laugh to think it has seriously happened! We'd always joked about it and say, "ahh man, that would be awesome. Back to 2001 when we were legit!" My one pessimistic, idiot roomate would always tell me why it wouldn't happen. Well, idiot, it happened!

I don't care if the Sixers look terrible Monday. I don't care if Iverson gets two technicals. I don't care if Lou Williams demands a trade. I don't care if Allen says he will not practice...just please let my boy AI retire in the city of Philadelphia....he belongs here.

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