Monday, December 14, 2009

Riding on DeSean Jackson's Back

These days, when Donovan McNabb drops back, torques his body, and unleashes the deep ball I feel comfortable. Chances are, the ball will sore 30+ yards to a wide open DeSean Jackson who will make another breathtaking play. In all of my years of watching the Philadelphia Eagles I cannot remember a more exciting player to watch - I know you feel the same way. Each and every time that DeSean Jackson touches the ball I expect a touchdown, I'm not kidding.

DeSean Jackson is listed as a 5'10", 175 pound wideout. I would argue he's closer to 5'8", but none-the-less has rockets on his cleats and the city of Philadelphia on his back. This kid, and I say that because he's only 23, is simply unbelievable. This season he has 1481 total yards with 9 TDs, 8 of which have been over 50 yards. I'll repeat that again....8 of his 9 touchdowns have been over 50 yards! The DeSean Jackson mixtape for the 2009 season will certainly look a lot like Usain Bolt's...a lot of people in the dust and a nice little dance for the kids.

With 3 regular season games remaining, and most likely the playoffs, DeSean has an excellent shot at becoming the first NFL player to have 9 or more TDs that are 50+ yards. More importantly, 5 of the 9 TDs DeSean has had have come when the Eagles were losing. He is taking it upon himself to change the outcome of football games by simply evading the opponent any way that he can.

DeSean seems to figure, "why wait?", as he has scored 5 of his 7 offensive touchdowns on first down. His explosiveness and reliability are both carrying this football team and his fans in the city of Philadelphia, and I'm enjoying the ride.

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