Thursday, November 19, 2009

PITT Basketball 2009-2010

So the baseball playoffs put me in a serious funk. I didn't want to write about sports ever again. Anyways...
It is crazy what a year does...
The Panthers set all sorts of records last year and did not lose at any game I was able to attend (18-0 at home). This year's '09 team may make a lot of basketball fans forget about how dominating Pitt was last year. After ending one shot away from the Final Four last season, Pitt is left without starters DeJuan Blair, Sam Young, Levance Fields and Tyrell Biggs. Jermaine Dixon is out for the next few weeks or so with a broken ankle and Gilbert Brown is suspended until the second semester. Not having these 6 players means that right now the team on the court for Pitt does not include a single starter or the 6th man from last season. If you add all of these losses together it certainly looks to equal dissapointment.

Let's break down the games that the Panthers will win/lose strickly based on the fact that I know! Wins in BLUE, losses in RED.
1. Wofford
2. Binghampton
3. Eastern Kentucky
4. Wichita State
5. Iowa/Texas
6. Youngstown St.
7. Duquesne
8. New Hampshire
9. Indiana
10. Kent State
11. Mt. St. Mary's
12. Ohio
13. Depaul
14. Syracuse
15. Cincinnatti
16. Connecticut
17. Louisville
18. Georgetown
19. Seton Hall
20. St. John's
21. South Florida
22. West Virginia
23. Seton Hall
24. Robert Morris
25. West Virgnia
26. Marquette
27. Villanova
28. Notre Dame
29. St. John's
30. Providence
31. Rutgers

This would leave the Panthers at 18-13 on the season. They'll probably end up in the NIT if the season ends around this record. I'm certainly hoping that this is that pessimistic side of me that comes out every so often and instead this team somehow proves me drastically wrong...but I just don't see that happening.

I'll check back in March and see how right/wrong I was.

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